Felt Storyboard DIY

Felt storyboards are a great way to make story time interactive while increasing learning and understanding. It also encourages the kiddos to use their imagination and create their own story lines. I love watching my son pretend play with the felt pieces.

This board and the felt pieces cost me approximately $30 to make but you can make one for as little as $18! The plexiglass from the poster frame will also be used for another project soon so stay tuned!

Supply List:
18 x 24 Poster frame
Large piece of felt fabric to be cut down to 18 x 24
Glue gun
Fabric Scissors
Stiff felt sheets for the story book pieces
Cricut maker or Cricut Explore to cut the story book felt pieces. You can also use fabric scissors.
If you go the Cricut route you’ll need the fabric mat and fine point blade.


Disassemble your poster board and save the plexiglass for a future project.

If your large piece of felt is creased make sure to iron on the lowest setting. Do not add pressure.

Cut your large piece of felt down to 18″ x 24″ and hot glue it to the back board of the frame. Make sure to glue a little at a time to keep the glue from seizing. I only glued the felt around the borders while making sure not to pull or shift the felt too much. This keeps the felt taut to the board while avoiding putting glue in the middle. I didn’t add glue in the middle because hot glue can sometimes leave an imprint.

Reassemble the poster board without the plexiglass. Your felt storyboard is now complete.

You can now choose your kid’s favorite book and make the accompanying felt story book pieces. I made mine using the cricut maker but you can also use fabric scissors, it’ll just take you longer. Or you can take the faster route and find a ready made set like this.

Here are the two sets I’ve made so far. B-man loved both but “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” was definitely his favorite. I hope your kids enjoy their storyboard as much as he did.

Disclosure: the link in this post are affiliate links meaning I will earn a commission if you click and make a purchase. There is no cost to you.

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